Toefl ITP level 1 - TOEFL Basics

Toefl ITP level 1 - TOEFL Basics

Are you going to take the TOEFL ITP test for the first time? Would you like to prepare for the test as thoroughly as possible? Or have you already taken the test before, and now you would like some practice before you take it again? Then the TOEFL ITP Training Course could be perfect for you. The course have been designed to make you learn how to master the TOEFL ITP test.


About the course
The course consists of progressive lessons during which you will learn how to master the TOEFL ITP. The course is taught in small groups of up to 16 students and the language of instruction is English. The course involves 2 to 6 self-study hours per week. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this course is currently taught using Google Meet and/or Zoom.

TOEFL ITP Training Course - What will you learn?

What will you learn?
In this training you will improve your abilities in English and get ready to take the TOEFL ITP test. The focus of the course is on the test itself. The course will include the following elements:


Improving your reading skills: reading strategies and practical tips


Improving your listening skills: listening strategies and practical tips

Widening your vocabulary: practical tips

Improving your knowledge of English grammar

The TOEFL ITP tests whether you are able to recognize and evaluate grammatical accuracy. The course focuses on various aspects of grammar, such as verb forms, sentence structures, adjectives and adverbs.